Student Apps & Services

An introduction to all the apps and services you have available to you. We have organised them into sections below.


Personalised access to all your progress and tracking, including your Timetable, Attendance, Individual Learning Plan(ILP), Comments, Reviews, SMART targets and more!

Proportal Homepage


Google Apps

You have access to some of the worlds most advanced web apps. Google Email, Docs, Calendar, Sites, Groups and more


If you don't know your login details, check out your account dashboard


Supporting Resources

Here you can find other really useful resources the college has for you to use during your study with us. - Video & Resources


Forskills Initial Assessment

You can log in to Forskills with the username and password details below, please contact your tutor if you have any problems loggin in.

Login to ForSkills

If you don't know your login details, check out your account dashboard


Legacy Student Portal Access

Student studying with us in 2013/14 can access the previous student portal for access to markbook and attandance information.

Old Student Portal



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