Our Commitment

The Learner first commitment We are here for you

Our Learner First commitment is founded on our inclusive, inspirational and creative approach to delivering education and training. We believe this is how the best opportunities are presented to our learners.

The diverse nature of our students creates a rich and stimulating environment and we celebrate this exciting dynamic.
In order for our learners to be successful we will teach them to exploit their diverse talents. We will deliver appropriate and transferable education and training to support them in this. These tools will offer a path to success and offer real credibility to future employers.

Our Learner First principles ensure that our offer:

  • Is customer-focused and makes access to learning easy and personalised
  • Provides equality of opportunity which removes the traditional barriers to learning
  • Gives maximum impact on improving employment and skills outcomes by helping students get a job.

Our aim is to help students become ambitious, be inspired to take responsibility for their own learning and contribute effectively to their communities. Ultimately we aspire to create competent, confident and creative leaders of tomorrow and become their lifelong partner. 

Each student will leave us:

  • As a qualified individual
  • Confident and prepared for the next stage in their career
  • As an attractive employment prospect
  • Having made a positive and constructive contribution to College life and the wider community
  • As an independent and challenging enquirer and an effective participator
  • As a creative and innovative thinker
  • As a reflective learner
  • As a determined and informed risk taker, capable of solving problems, making decisions and taking responsibility
  • As a team worker
  • As a self-manager, confident and able to cope
  • Having developed the transferable skills required to succeed in the changing technological domain
  • As an ambassador for lifelong learning and the College
  • Having the skills to achieve economic well-being and to become an active member of society
  • Secure in the knowledge that the College is always there for them.
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