Our Pledge

The Learner first Pledge Our vision, our values


We are:

  • A learning organisation committed to providing all our learners with rich and stimulating learning environments, delivered through personalised learning pathways
  • A people-centred organisation that attracts, values and develops staff and students, seeks out talent and provides a stimulating environment within which their potential may be realised
  • An innovative organisation that values, encourages and facilitates the use of technology and the application of knowledge to create an exciting approach to the delivery of education
  • A socially responsible and ethical organisation committed to engaging the wider community, providing opportunities for all, underpinned by the principle of sustainability
  • A financially strong organisation able to invest in the creative delivery of teaching, training and learning to protect our learners
  • An employer focused organisation that consults with, listens and responds appropriately to the needs of business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a strong independent College characterised by a clarity of purpose to be outstanding in every thing we do and become renowned for the creative and innovative way through which we deliver learning.

Our Values

Our values arise out of our vision:

  • We put learners at the heart of everything we do.
  • We provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to work and study.
  • We believe diversity is an asset to learning.
  • We value and celebrate the pleasure of learning and support students and staff in meeting their potential.
  • We treat students and staff as individuals, listening, respecting and responding to their needs.
  • We value our students beyond their time at our College and will, wherever possible, continue to support them for as long as they need us.
  • We value the importance of meeting the needs of employers, partners and our local community through responsive, innovative and high quality services. These values underpinand inform all our strategies, plans, behaviours and actions.
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