Hammersmith students -We need your help to design the new College building!

As part of the development of the new College building, we are working with designers at Atkins to understand more about what supports student wellbeing and provides a great experience for everyone at the College.
As part of this process Atkins would like you to fill out a short survey about how you currently use the college and what things are important to you and your wellbeing in the building. It asks you to consider how buildings support your wellbeing and what is important to you in in the spaces you use for classes, studying or socialising.

The survey only takes 10 minutes to complete and your responses will remain anonymous, we will not share the data with anyone outside of the project team.  We do ask you to tell us which age range you fit into but this is just used to provide more detail on the cross section of responses and you also have the opportunity not to answer this question if you’d prefer.
When you get to the end of the survey you’ll receive a thank you message and you’ll be able to enter the prize draw for a Fitbit.  To enter you will be asked to provide your student number but this data will be kept separately from the responses you’ve given to the survey questions, you are also able to opt out of the prize draw if you’d like.
To start the survey please use this link www.wellbriefing.com/survey/ehwlcstudent and enter the password below.
Password: ehwlc_wellbeing
The survey will close on Friday 28th April at 5pm.